Marvel Snap's Patch 4.6.2 is Now Live - Balance Changes, Nexus Event Refunds, & More!

Marvel Snap's new Patch 4.6.2 is now live. Along with the customary balance changes, we've also got the promised refunds for Nexus Event players, a free [snapcard]Jane Foster[/snapcard], and plenty of other sundries.
Marvel Snap's new Patch 4.6.2 is now live.
We'll summarize the hot topics, but the patch notes, if you prefer, are quoted in full below
Game UpdatesThe Nexus Event refund is live, as is the free Jane Foster
Wave has been added to Pool 3, as has Jane FosterThere have been many Bug Fixes, as well
To do that, we’re exploring fair and fun ways to add new cards to the game.
We are reining him in with an change to his Power gain potential.
We are nerfing the number of cards she will buff to keep this ability in check
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